Africa Creates: Anna Othitis – Taking Children Around the World

Africa Creates

Up until 2002, Anna Othitis lived in Zimbabwe. Now in New Jersey, USA, she couldn’t stop thinking about the lovely places back in Africa. Meanwhile, people in her new home were eager to learn about where she came from. So she did what any sensible person would do: she wrote a book, a children’s book, in which she features such lovely destinations as the Serengeti and Victoria Falls, with three more books in the pipeline.

The inspiration for her main character (Captain Frankie) was her youngest son who is currently studying to be a commercial pilot and instructor.

My First Travel Book is educational, fun and inspiring with lovely illustrations and written in a rhyme form. It can be found on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes & Nobles, and Tate Publishing. Read what a local newspaper had to say about her book. Connect with the author on Facebook. And if that’s not enough links, you can also see the book trailer!

Listen to the interview below:

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