Africa Creates: Dancing Across an Ocean

Joanne Ball-Burgess is a singer, dancer and writer. More than that, I found her to be a warm and charming lady who sincerely wants to uplift others with her numerous talents.Her first book, “The Lizard & the Rock: A Fable of Bermuda’s Discovery”, became Bermuda’s bestseller during its launch year in 2008.

In Kenya, Joanne is best known for her role as Judge Joanne during Sakata Season 3 and 4. Sometimes referred to as the ‘mean’ judge, Joanne is known for her honest comments and desire to see the dance crews improve in their technique.

Joanne started dancing in her early teens and has performed with the Contemporary Dance of Tulsa Company and the Greenwood Dance Company. She trained in Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Dancehall styles, and she’s taught dance workshops in the United States, Cyprus and Egypt.

As if that’s not enough, Joanne also holds a Master’s in Education; her thesis work focused on the impact of infusing the arts into school curricula. She has taught middle school and offers extracurricular art and poetry classes to support creative learning in children.

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