Africa Creates: Who Goes to Somalia for A Vacation?

Africa Creates

Of all the places to visit, why Mogadishu? That was the question I most wanted to ask Rasna Warah, and the answer was as unexpected as the city. Rasna is a Kenyan writer and photojournalist. She writes a weekly column every Monday for the Daily Nation, Kenya’s largest newspaper, and at one point, her column focused on Somalia. It seemed only natural to her that she should probably visit the place she was writing about.

So she did. Along the way, she discovered a beautiful, historic resilient and often surprising city. One thing led to another, and she returned to Mogadishu for a second visit, in order to launch a book, Mogadishu Then and Now, a pictorial journey through the city before and after the civil war.

This isn’t the only book Rasna has written, but for me, it was the most intriguing, for it challenges the story we always here about Somalia. Fortunately, the book is available on Amazon, so you too can discover this city. For more information about the author and other books she has penned, visit her site.

Listen to the entire interview below:

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