Africa Creates: How to Mock in Style

The Samaritans

Producer Hussein Kurji had no idea how many nerves he’d touch when he first thought up his idea. It seemed so simple: a mockumentary TV series about the non-governmental organisations that have flooded Nairobi. But from BBC to Al Jazeera, people are taking it seriously.

Hussein Kurji began his media journey in the United States, which somehow led him to Australia where he continued to work in 3D animation & Film. After working for two years in Sydney, Hussein moved back to Kenya and founded Xeinium Productions.

While the TV and Film industry is in its infancy in Kenya, Hussein isn’t letting that stop him. The Samaritans is only one of several projects he has engaged with.

The Samaritans is a comedy about a dysfunctional non-governmental (non-profit) organization (NGO) that does absolutely nothing. The setting is the Aid for Aid Kenya field office. The staff are preoccupied by the decisions of the head office and hopelessly inept local bureaucrats, while trying to write as many useless reports as possible, all under the guise of ‘saving’ Africa.

You can learn more about Xeinium on their website or Facebook. Hop on over to Aid for Aid to view previews. Rent the two pilot episodes on the Pledge page. Submit your own zany story and it may be selected as material for a future episode!

Listen to the radio show interview here: