Africa Creates: How Many Doctor Poets Do You Know?

Neal Hall

A poet and a doctor, Neal Hall, M.D. is no slouch.

A graduate of Cornell and Harvard Universities, he has authored 2 award-winning books. His first book, Nigger For Life, reflects his painful discovery that in America, race is how he is first judged, diminishing value, dignity, equality and justice.

Dr. Hall’s second book, Winter’s A’ Coming Still, is written from the same deep chasm of despair and pain. His poetic insights reflect vividly that the more things are said to change, the more things are made to stay the same.

Dr. Hall “is a warrior of the spirit, a warrior of the mind, an activist, a poet… his poetry has the capacity to change ordinary people’s philosophy on social and racial issues.”

What I found is a deeply sensitive, thoughtful man with a delightful sense of humour and a warm, ready laugh.

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