Africa Creates: The Insanity of Writing

Moses Kilolo

From the aptly named Cloud 9 atop the Clarence House Hotel, I had a great view of Westlands. That’s completely irrelevant to the topic at hand, but it did provide a great setting for listening to stories.

And that’s what Jalada is all about. It’s what you get when you mix a group of authors from across a continent with a theme: a lot of creative story telling and Jalada.

Moses Kilolo, one of the founding members of the writing group, represented the twenty or so writers who couldn’t join us on Cloud 9 that morning. The initial group met at a Kwani-hosted workshop. Inspired by the energy and information gained at the workshop, they decided to keep going, and so made their plans.

Rather than write it all out, I’ll let you listen to the interview. Don’t forget to read all the great stories on the Jalada website.

For those interested in joining, write to Nicholas Ochiel at [email protected] and [email protected].