Africa Creates: Vincent de Paul – Warrior Poet

Africa Creates

Recently returned from Somalia, Vincent de Paul was far more interested in talking about writing than his service in the Kenyan Army as it battled Al Shabab. In addition to being a soldier, he is also a freelance writer (from the Writers Bureau, UK), a blogger, an author & a poet. He has what he describes as “my own home at where I ceaselessly ramble about love and life.”

He started writing while still in high school for national competitions organised by Centre for Law and Research International (CLARION) Kenya. In 2010, his poetry collection manuscript, ‘First Words’, won the Nairobi International Book Fair (NIBF) Literary Awards.

Undeterred by several rejections by publishers (they weren’t interested in poetry), he turned to online self-publishing where, he states, “I publish my words my way.” The paltry sales don’t discourage him from wanting to see his work in print. Check out his three titles: First Words, Holy Emotions and Flashes of Vice.

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