Africa Creates: Winni Awuondo – Creative Passion

Africa Creates

In addition to the really cool shoes, Winni Awuondo is an energetic, creative young Kenyan with a passion for all things patterned and coloured. And that passion shows through very clearly in her work.

After studying Fine Art at university, she felt dissatisfied by the lack of artistic experimentation. So after graduating, she decided to set aside what she knew (or thought she knew) and was comfortable with, and instead create based on instinct and feeling The result is stunning and highly original.

In her art, be it paintings, fabric, shoe designs or whatever medium she employs, you can see the influence from African textiles, patterns and jewellery. She has done quite a bit of exploring with textiles from West Africa (which she found not to have originated in Africa at all) to East African ones such as the kanga.

Her mantra is “Art is who I am and what I LOVE to do”, and that clearly comes out in her pieces! You definitely want to check them out at

Listen to the interview below: