Ajabu: Because We Are All Blind And Have No Internet

Tafsiri Entertainment Group

Mondays 7.45 PM on KTN

The easiest way to entertain us Kenyans is either to make us laugh or absolutely shock us. That is why we can all relate to the phrase “Ni kama ndrama, ni kama vindeo” so easily. This fact is perhaps what makes Ajabu a very easy sell. Produced by Tafsiri Entertainment Group, Ajabu is a drama-reality show that brings us some funny/shocking real life videos from their archives of clips. It can be anything from scenes of women in a cat fight to cops shamelessly receiving bribes from matatu operators to people insane enough to follow their escaped pet parrot all the way up an insanely tall tree. Sounds like just the perfect show to kick back to after a long and hard first day of the week huh? Erm, NO!!! This show has the best of intentions but it’s execution is facepalm magnet.

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Don’t get it twisted though, there is nothing wrong with the videos. In fact, there couldn’t be a more perfect production outfit to some up with this show than Tafsiri Entertainment. They’ve been hunting down and securing licenses for clips for quite a while now. In a nutshell, it is their bread and butter.However, the headache begins when it comes to setting up the back story to each of the clips. The narration by voice-over artist and  Hot 96 presenter Mike Mondo is not only irritating but extremely long for no reason at all.  As a result, what would normally be a three minute video clip  gets extended to nine minutes because parts of the video are looped as we wait for Mike Mondo to explain every single thing that every single person is doing. Who writes all that unnecessary exposition? Why? Perhaps the show specifically targets blind people too, you never know. For the rest of us who are lucky enough to still use our eyes, the narration has become a constant irritation.


The only reason to watch this show is for some of the rare local footage that can only be found in places such as the KTN Archives. Another reason is because internet is still so damn expensive.  Many of the videos showcased are pretty easy to find on the internet in their full glory minus narration and even  others that are way more shocking than what can be shown on Ajabu. The best place to start is by going to YouTube and searching for “Human Birth”. That should be enough to blow your mind for weeks.