Africa Creates: She is Nairobi… Fashion!

As luck would have it, the moment we started our interview, someone started hammering against a wall somewhere. Despite the background noise, Anne Mpinga’s voice and message still comes through loud and clear.

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Anne has always been drawn to fashion and is fascinated by the simplicity with which garments transform the human aesthetic. After many years in a successful media career, she realized that it is never too late to pursue one’s dreams.

Fuelled by her childhood attraction to clothes, Anne developed Kipusa into a brand that gives back to society by empowering young people in their creative pursuits, offering them support, and ensuring that workers are paid fairly.

Kipusa means “Beautiful Young Lady” in Swahili. Founded in May 2011, Kipusa is an African Fashion brand that celebrates women of all shapes and sizes, draping their curves flawlessly in beautiful, vibrant garments.

Kipusa is a brand that resonates with the woman who loves her curves, wears her clothes with confidence and channels her inner “beautiful young lady”.

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All Images © Kipusa Clothing/Mia Collis Photography

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