Best of: South African House (Not!) #1

Well, this is yet another compilation of some of the cool South African music we have bumped into of late. This time, the list has nothing to do with our first kwaito/house compilation (the second installment of that is coming in a few weeks time). The scope of SA talent is just amazingly huge and the folks in the line-up below are proof of that, Let’s get straight into it then:

10. Berita – Thandolwethu

Oh hey, look what I found – another Zahara!!! Of course, the comparisons will be made but I think she is just as good in her own right.

9. AKA ft. Da L.E.S – Kontrol

8. Naima Kay – Lelilanga

7. iFani – Shake

Digging the very entertaining video and the flow as well.

6. Die Antwoord – Fatty Boom Boom

This Afrikaans rap group are a couple of the most no-shit-giving individuals you will ever meet, and they are not afraid to air their opinion. They turned down an invitation to tour with Lady Gaga who’s music they think is “weak superficial shit” (I kind of agree). They even went ahead to mock Lady Gaga in this music video which looks like it came out of a paragraph or two of Binyavanga Wainaina’s How To Write About Africa:

5. Isabella Novella – Moya

4. MoNeOa – More Than You

This lady has brought back old school R&B like a BOSS!! Watching that vid almost tricks the mind that you have travelled back to the 90s. Good stuff.

3. L-Tido ft. Maggz, TP & Iceman – Show Up

2. Toya Delazy – Heart

Really dig her stuff, plus heard she won big at this year South African Music Awards. Her videos are always top notch, let alone the music. Perks of a major label signing, I guess.

1. HHP ft The Big 10 – Animals

Hip-hop at it’s finest. You cannot criticize this track. At all.

BONUS: Danny K – Brown Eyes

This is what you would get if you blended Robin Thicke and Rick Astley together, right?