Africa Creates: Brainstorm, Kenyan Style

Michael Onsando is a reader who happens to write.

That’s what Michael gave me for his bio, that one sentence! And while that is the most succinct bio I have ever read, there is of course much more to him: his boisterous laughter, his high energy, and his gift with words and wit.

Some of that wit is directed towards biting political and social commentary as he describes with piercing clarity the issues he sees in Kenya. He co-edits and writes for the award winning commentary site Brainstorm (where you can pick up a free eBook!) and on his own personal blog.

Some of that wit can be found in his recently published collection of poetry and prose, Something Unlike Myself, published on Amazon

Either way, you really should look him up.

Listen to the interview on our below or hop on over to Artist First.

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