A Goat for a Vote (Documentary Review)

It is a well known fact that student leadership in Kenyan universities and other institutions of higher learning has always been inextricably linked to the exte...
billy black untitled EP

Billy Black – Untitled (EP Review)

Kenya is currently going through a presidential election process that is turning out to be more of a democratic marathon than a short sprint. The country is d...

Tunji – Mat Za Ronga

For first-timers, travelling to Ongata Rongai from the centre of Nairobi using public means tends to be a rather peculiar experience. As one of Nairobi's much f...
Shit Happens web series

Shit Happens (Web Series Review)

Life, as we currently know it, is but a series of highs and lows, feats and failures, mistakes and miracles - perhaps Nature's way of helping us grow stronger a...

Athieno – IaM (Album Review)

Athieno is your quintessential African fusion artist. Numerous musical genres and influences ooze out of her songs, softly kneaded and layered together to leave...
flight path

Flight Path (Film Review)

As this week marks the first anniversary since the worst ever immigrant tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea amid a constant influx of refugees and immigrants into ...

Akothee – Give It To Me ft. Flavour

If someone were to mention Akothee in your presence, it is highly likely that the first thing that would pop in your mind is her claim that she currently is Ken...