Cece Sagini – I’m A Doer ft. Octopizzo

MG Production
Dir. Osidiana Moses
Lyrical Content
Music Video
Really Good

Even with just three major releases in the past two years, Cece Sagini’s upward trajectory as a singer-songwriter is undeniable. She keeps sounding better and adding more layers to her music with every new release. She also seems to have developed a level of synergy with the production outfits she’s worked with (MG, Big Soul and Provoke) that is vital to making good music.

Her songs convey her process well – laid back, unhurried, cured and polished to perfection. She tells quite the story on Sio Mwisho and reinforces the positivity in her songwriting on Feel It. Her latest release entitled I’m A Doer combines these two approaches with great results.

I’m A Doer is the perfect song to wake to up on a working day. Cece makes a statement of self-assurance backed up by a cheeky verse from Octopizzo. Together they lyrically draw a picture of the kind of success that can be achieved through confidence in one’s self and a life led soaring high above any unnecessary distractions.

The production quality here is nothing short of superb. The beat packs the punch of freshly squeezed orange juice, even before the trumpet comes in to finish it off. This chilled neo-soul sound is getting more and more popular worldwide, it’s great to hear someone doing it on home soil.

Cece_Sagini_Octopizzo_DoerThe music video directed by Brainworks’ Moses Osidiana does the job of conveying success and opulence well enough but is not busy either. The most interesting thing that goes down are brief shots of Octopizzo riding a hoverboard, a very underused prop in this video. Yeah, that’s pretty much it – nothing but a drama-less day out  and about for the doers.


So long as Cece Sagini keeps blessing us with songs this good, it won’t really matter how long they take to get done.