Collo ft. STL & Mimmo – Floss Na Wewe

Bernsoft/BigSoul; 2013

Dir. Kevin Bosco Jnr.

There is so much that can be said about Floss Na Wewe as a song on its own and the music video, even where to begin is another complication in itself. The entire production is a melting pot of many musical influences from the past blended in with styles of the present.

During the entire 3:45 minute duration of the song we are reminded of quite a number of musical styles, ranging from early acapella R&B and 1960s R&B of the Ray Charles days (complete with finger snapping) to a bit of doo-wop to reggae and even a bit of dub reggae here and there. They all blend in very well to set the tone for a bunch of nice verses from Collo and STL and Mimmo’s great vocal input.

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The video does not disappoint either as  the concept seems to be well thought out. Collo makes the interesting choice of 1920s style outfits complete with the suspenders and cap, while STL and Mimmo are our link to the present fashionably speaking. The use of sepia versus full colour to distinguish the “old” and “current” styles throughout the vid sends the message quite well.


At the end of the day, the end product is an enjoyable journey back and forth into time both musically and visually. There is no doubting that Collo has clearly come of age and has raised the industry bar a few notches higher with this one.