Africa Creates: Daniel D’uwa – Youngest Pirate Ever

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He claims to be shy, but I’m not buying it. Especially for a former radio pirate at the age of 10 back in the state-owned media days of the Moi era. Daniel D’uwa was anything but reserved as we chatted in a University of Nairobi innovation lab where he often hangs out. Story telling is his passion, and he loves music too. But, he says, “I have the equivalent of two left feet when it comes to playing.” So he sticks with writing, amongst other creative endeavours.

In addition to being an amateur pirate and a writer, Daniel has also dabbled in film as a director and producer. He’s been a journalist, a poet, an event manager, a speaker, a social anthropologist and (his personal favourite) a Nerd. Not bad for a guy who claims to be shy.

Reflecting on the diversity of his city, Nairobi, he realised that we have to tell our stories. Not only are there lots of stories to tell, but there are also lots of tools to capture them with. His passion for churning out local content made him part of the team that started the Kenya Music Week and also directed the first ever hidden camera comedy show called Krazie Kenyans, way before the hype for these types of TV shows really hit the industry last year.

Listen to the entire interview below:


You can find him on his blogs: and

His poetry:

His art & photos:

Some radio shows he did are available on Mixcloud (I can’t promise they aren’t pirated!).

Film work: Check out  his YouTube Channel and the pioneering Krazie Kenyans hidden camera comedy show that was way beyond its time.

And if that’s not enough for you, he has some of his work in a couple of anthologies, conveniently available on Amazon: FM Spring 2013 and FM Winter 2012

Talk about prolific!

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