Eko Dydda – Sir

SaintP/Alex; 2013

Dir. J. Blessing

Eko Dydda has just dropped a new music video, Sir, directed by gospel video go-to guy J. Blessing. Basically, the track is about Eko Dydda reflecting on his relationship with God, whom he refers with the sheng term “Sir” (or “Sir Godi” in full). As usual, he is not shy with his bars and drops some serious sets of wordplay and references in his usual stutter-rap style (After ni-born again niliwacha dhambi mingi kwenye pla-centa/Nikapatia the Most High Center, akanifinya ‘Boss, plus – enter…Sitegemei pocha, nakula wokovu/Siwezi kuwa poacher, amenipa ndovu”). Just like his most recent track, You Are The Reason, the producers choose to slightly deviate from the hard hip-hop instrumentals that normally characterise Eko’s earlier hits in line with the mood of the lyrical content – just laid back praise and worship.

Not much can be said about the video though – we see him in full colour walking through grey/black and white streets of Nairobi with alternating shots of a girl playing a violin – at least one can believe that she is actually playing the violin as opposed to other videos where folk seem to be posing with instruments for no reason at all. Well, it is an acceptable music video, that is all…


Eko Dydda continues to remain a relevant and refreshing listen perhaps because nobody else, gospel or otherwise, has developed a style similar to his as yet. Thankfully, the similarity of nearly all the songs in his catalogue still comes out as consistency rather than dull monotony.