Elani – Jana Usiku

Sol Music Entertainment

Dir. Steve Muriungi

Elani is not a new band in Nairobi’s music performance circles. The afro-urban trio have been constantly featured in various performance venues and have held down concerts for a number of years now. They are now ready to cross over to the other side of the music business and make a name for themselves as recording artists as well, having set a target for launching their debut album by November this year. Of course, this should not be a difficult task for an outfit that has perfected the art of live performance. It is usually those artists weaned in studio booths that may have a hard time shaping themselves into great performers once their material is ready for public ears. For Elani, three-quarters of the job is already done, and have officially released their first proper music video entitled Jana Usiku, which will also operate as their first single off the upcoming debut album.

Jana Usiku is a fun party-themed song all about letting loose for a night of fun and then reminiscing about it the morning after. There is a lot to like about this track, including the great song writing and delicious vocal delivery. The track itself is not exactly new, having been in the band’s performance tracklist for quite a while now (at least one live version of this can be found somewhere in the internet). The final production for the track itself is also pretty good – especially the beats at the chorus which have the ability of deceiving your ears (and mind) that you are listening to a 60s twist type of song, making this tune very danceable indeed. The overall sound is fresh and has a unique afro-urban touch to it, a welcome break from the usual stuff that tends to get heavy rotation.

The music vid,  directed by Steve Muriungi of Fariji  Media, continues with the theme of the song, and centres its concept around a cheeky star-studded surprise bash, with appearances by the likes of Sauti Sol, Coola Gang, David of Tusker Project Fame 2, and Captain of the Tujuane Love Ship Malonza (who are all up to some form of mischief). It conveys everything the song would want to convey quite well – having fun and letting loose with friends like there’s no tomorrow.


This single is a great start in exposing the kind of content to expect from Elani’s debut album and a better way reaching out to brand new fans who have never seen them perform live.

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