Elani : KooKoo


Dir. Ogopa Video; 2014

Looking at the growth of modern/urban music in Kenya, there are probably a ton of people who believe it wouldn’t hurt to consider classifying the period so far as “Before Elani” and “After Elani”. This three-person band finally burst into the national scene late 2013 after years of honing their craft with Jana Usiku, their first single. There was a unique flavour to their debut album that distinguished it from anything we had ever heard before, earning the band regiments of brand new fans who had never listened to them live before. Milele recently had everyone and their nieces getting on YouTube to make covers of their own. They have just released a new music video to yet another favourite off the album, KooKoo.

KooKoo is yet another love song delivered in true Elani fashion. As usual, they combine well written verses with a commanding vocal presence (especially with the high notes), capturing the essence of what it feels like to love and be loved in all ways imaginable. Backed up a cheery backing track that sounds even better when clapping along to it, KooKoo is a resolute declaration of love that assures the listener from the very first second that everything is and will remain perfect.

Elani KooKoo

Ogopa Video get the directing credit for the video which follows the band walking through streets of the Nairobi CBD past scenes of people in the process of expressing or just basking in the feeling of love. The video works for the song as it should. .Overall, there is nothing to subtract from the production. Everything is pretty much well done here.


If you haven’t grabbed yourself a copy of Elani’s debut album, you’d better do so HERE. It’s for your own good.