Electrique DJs ft. Fena & Jaaz – Brikicho

Electrique Entertainment Records; 2013

Dir. Mushking

One of Africa’s most unique afro-house/electric-fusion collectives, the Electrique DJs & The Beat Parade, have FINALLY decided to  pack some of their awesomeness into an album, The Journey: A Tirbe Called Africa. The first single (launched on Friday) is Brikicho and features Fena and Jaaz Odongo (the duo who brought us the massive hits Africa Massive and Dutch). This new single is a nostalgic tribute to “Brikicho”  one of those pre-Playstation hide-and-seek games that made childhood so special to many of us. And just like other games of its nature like Cha Mama, sometimes there was a love/romance-interest angle to the game that provided opportunities to do some naughty things with your crush with unpredictable consequences. Right off the bat, this track manages to cover to all of those bases with impressive ease.

The lyrical content is a nice mix between playful and flirty, with Fena having no problem making her presence felt on this one. The production is generally just as playful and serves a nice helping of deep house with the obvious African touch peeping through the bassline – something that is often left to South African producers and DJs to deal with. The result is pretty impressive stuff that deserves to be right up there with the Liquideeps and Black Coffees of its genre.

Much deserved props ought to be directed towards Mushking of Twinkle World Films for coming up with a very stylish, effective and enjoyable video. The concept is spot on – playing on the obvious theme of the kids’ hide-and-seek game and the not-so-obvious flirting/dating game the adults play all day long. The music and the video come together so well to deliver the intended message – why, this is one of the best music vids out of Kenya this year.


The Journey will be a definite game changer in the afro-house scene and will hopefully encourage more local artists and producers to develop more interest in the genre. I’m secretly hoping that Electrique DJs work with Owiny Sigoma Band who have also developed their own distinct flavour of afro-electric fusion. Heck, even a collabo with Ethiopia’s Zegna Band seems like a total possibility from where I’m sitting. Why not?

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