Jay A ft. Sage – Dumbala

Pink Lab Production
Dir. J Blessing
Lyrical Content
Music Video

Pink Lab Production (Dillie); 2013

Dir. J. Blessing

Right off featuring in the monster collabo that was Rabbit’s Ligi Soo (Remix), rapper Jay A has just dropped his latest single in his quest to further prove that he is in a league of his own. This time he enlists the vocal skills of Sage Chemutai who we all know never disappoints. This single should cement her as the go-to girl for great sounding hooks and choruses. I don’t see why any serious artist will not be tempted to do something with Sage after this very hot banger. Dumbala is an automatic hit – it seems that all the right stars aligned to make this song as infectious as it is.

The audio production is handled by Dillie of  Pink Lab, J.Blessing’s secular production wing. Dillie has whipped up a very very VERY infectious instrumental which will make heads bob automatically without any convincing. Combining that beat with Sage’s vocals gives birth to more magic. As a result, the hooks are definitely the best parts of the production. Jay A also goes harder than usual on this track with quite a bunch of nice lyrical boasts: “I guess it’s my time, ask Big Ben!!” is a good summary of the awesomeness of this tune. It is a banger that makes your car stereo worth it, plus it is going to be a huge club hit.

The video, shot by J. Blessing, basically adopts the “harem” concept. Jay A is the only male in the video surrounded by all these beautiful ladies on a sunny day out just enjoying themselves. I would have liked a bit more variety in this video – perhaps a daytime party scene right there at the tennis court or the race track, or anything else that enhances the weekend feel of the track. However, the crisp clean quality of the video makes up for what lacks in concept.

PS: All the videos out on YouTube right now freeze at the 2:54 mark (yay Kenya!!) so expect that until right channel posts it.


Jay A has explored quite a bit since his very first single Clap Yo Hands with mixed results. He has now reached full maturity and seems to know what works for him in terms of style and content. This is his best track to date, without a doubt.

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