Jay A ft. Sage, DNA, Kenrazy, V6 & Madtraxx – Dumbala (Reloaded)

Pink Lab / Grandpa Records
Dir. J Blessing
Lyrical Content
Music Video

In our 2013 roundup, we praised Grandpa Records (through their main producer V6) for dropping one of the most addictive beats last year and also for their penchant for churning out hit after hit that appeal to the masses. We also had some good things to say about Jay A’s single Dumbala featuring Sage. Well, somehow these two good things have come together for a remix to Dumbala featuring Kenrazy, DNA, V6 and Madtraxx. The results aren’t exactly what you’d call better.

For starters, V6 replaces Dillie’s very very catchy beat on the original with a a less than inspiring, sped-up, “ghipukarised” version (probably to fit in with the rapping styles of DNA and Kenrazy) that, in the long run, fails to blend with Sage’s chorus –  the crown jewel of that track. Everything else goes downhill from that point onwards. There really is nothing to write home about the verses dropped by the lads, reminiscent of some of the dismal performances in Ligi Soo (Remix).

The music video is once again directed by J. Blessing who shifts locations from the tennis court and race track to a basketball court with more or less the same format as the original video with the addition of some great dance moves somewhere in there. Watch out for a cameo appearance from Jay A’s regular collabo partner, Amina, as well.


We are aware that one of the main objectives when it comes to remixing (especially from a production point of view) is to personalize the original track while at the same time retaining the parts of the original that make it unique and then finally to make these two elements blend in well together. There’s something missing in this particular remix in terms of cohesiveness, especially with the chorus. Either that, or Dumbala is one of those tracks which will never be outdone by remixes. Perhaps the original is as good as it will ever get for this one.

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