JAB Drop Fan-Created “Probably For Lovers” Video

Just A Band on CNN Inside Africa

True to their nature of  coming up with unique ideas for their video releases, Just A Band is back with the music video to Probably for Lovers  a track off their third album Sorry For The Delay. The infectious tune quickly became a fan favourite immediately Sorry For The Delay was released, and inspired a cool acapella cover by  AnnieSoul and an more intimate one by Mumbi. It is therefore a no-brainer that the guys decided to incorporate videos created by fans from all around the world jamming to the track. The result is a Happy-esque mish mash of awesomeness. Watch it above.


Just A Band’s direct engagement with fans by giving them a chance to participate in the band’s creative process once more affirms why they are Kenya’s favourite out-of-the-box band. One question though – how soon till the track gets some remixes? It is really itching for that kind of a reboot.