Just A Band, Wangechi & Anto NeoSoul Featured on CNN Inside Africa

Just A Band on CNN Inside Africa

CNN’s African current affairs program CNN Inside Africa was all about Kenyan music this week. Just A Band, Anto NeoSoul and rapper Wangechi each made their case to our very own Zain Verjee who was in Nairobi to have a feel of what’s popping in the local music scene. For those who cannot view the episode on CNN during the remaining time-slots this week (some of us caught it at the unholy hour of 3.30AM on Monday), it is now available for consumption online.

Just A Band – Art for Art’s Sake

First up was Just A Band, talking about the experimental origin and hands-on approach to their work that still shines through in their latest album. They also give a brief run-down of the thought process of their videos from the viral Ha-he to Matatizo and even Huff + Puff inspired by the masterpiece of a film A Clockwork Orange. Since we all know they are much more than just a band, they hint at unusual projects in the near future like a film or even books, who knows?

Anto Neo Soul – “I’ve paid my dues…”

Anto NeoSoul speaks about his debut album that has just hit the shelves and his effort to bring more to the table in terms of the lyrical content in the album so as to stand out from the pack, given the highly competitive nature of the industry today. He believe now is the time to tell Africa’s story, and that’s Africa with a K.

Wangechi – “Everybody knows what Cocacola tastes like…”

Teen rapper Wangechi had a stellar interview with Zain Verjee, talking about meeting with Kevin Provoke, her viral rise to stardom and having to push back the release of her debut album to make sure it sounds just right. She gives off a pretty ambitious and focused aura.