Just Waxx ft.Jay Beat & BigSoul – Dance With Me

Sub-Sahara; 2013

Dir. Kevin Bosco Jnr.

As the afrobeats movement continues to dominate radio shows and dance floors all over Africa South of the Sahara, are close to defining and carving out their own space in the highly popular genre and getting wider appreciation around the continent. The latest entrant of our Project Afrobeats is 18 year old Just Waxx with his debut single entitled Dance With Me (or is it Dance With You?) featuring Sub-Sahara’s BigSoul and Jay Beat from up-and coming group LMK.

Right from the title, it is easy to tell that Dance With Me is a straight-to-the-point party track which includes a couple of verses from Jay Beat and Just Waxx somewhere at the beginning and the middle that only serve as light padding for the main point of the entire single – the chorus (which turns out to be very catchy indeed, by the way). BigSoul also shows his growing production prowess as he perfects his version of a sound that can only be described loosely as kapuka-fied afrobeats. 

Directing duties for the music video, which was shot at Nairobi’s Casablanca Club, are handled by Kevin Bosco Jnr. who does an acceptable job of creating a party atmosphere in the Moroccan- themed space  Like the song, the concept is straightforward without any extra frills but it works just fine.


This is a good enough introductory piece by Just Waxx. We hope for more releases that enhances his presence and really tells us what he’s all about.