Kagwe Mungai – Bad Girls

Kagwe Mungai Music; 2013

Dir. Mushking

Fresh from producing and featuring on Karun’s massive debut album alongside Jaaz Odongo, Kagwe Mungai is once more concentrating on adding to his musical catalogue which includes his very ambitious free mixtape It Only Gets Better and the club-banger of a collabo with Fena that was Dutch which confirmed that he was indeed a musical force to reckon with in 2012 and beyond. With his album Songs About S.H.E. slated for release in December, Kagwe has just dropped the first single entitled Bad Girls.

Don’t let the title of this track fool you. From where I sit, the track isn’t really about bad girls. More than anything else, I think it is about the unresistable bad boy that manages to get away being naughty on the side. That guy with the Casanova charm that gets women in cat fights because they all thought they were “the one”.  Of course, there is the one woman who he may truly love but he always finds a way of justifying his actions in a way that drives attention from the real problem. Kagwe summarizes this necessary evil in the simple hook: “Bad girls gotta get love too!”

In as much as it is the kind of song you wouldn’t be singing out loud in front of your girlfriend, it is one heck of an enjoyable production. Everything works as it should, from the soulful house inspired beats to the story telling in the lyrics. The video, shot on location at the posh Summerdale Inn Nairobi and directed by Mushking, has a great concept behind it. The styling by the folks at Mont’ Et breathes some extra colour into it as well. The video follows Kagwe and his girl down a lift as they are joined on each floor by girls who seem to have some romantic history with Kagwe – an obvious recipe for drama.


If the rest of the stuff Kagwe is preparing for his album project sound like Bad Girls then it is definitely going to be an absolute banger. We’re looking forward to (aka hoping for) another single before the album launch itself.