Laika ft. Freeman – Laika’s Song

Main Switch; 2014

Dir. J. Blessing

Laika is a relatively new Kenyan-Tanzanian artist recently signed to Main Switch, the label affiliated to Jaguar. This move has refocused the musical direction of her brand and got her sounding so much better. Her very first offering is Laika’s Song which features labelmate Freeman.  It is safe to assume the title of the trackis a play on the main lyrics to the hook (Laika’s Song/Like a song, gerrit?).

Well, the track is an up-tempo love song that combines the general feeling y’all lovebirds out there experience when that special person seems to be slipping further and further away from you and your general determination to make them stay by your side (good luck with that, by the way). The vocal performances of both of these artistes complements with each other quite well and does the job of attracting the attention Laika and Freeman seriously need right now.

Production-wise, the track has that unmistakable Main Switch signature sound that probably even the deaf can recognise by now, peppered with some dance elements. Yes, once again, the good folk in the studios played it safe with a sound they seem to have perfected therefore overall the track sounds good nonetheless.

LaikaThe music video is directed by J. Blessing and centers around Laika in unconscious dreamland in an emergency room, doctors working on trying to revive her as Freeman watches helplessly. What more is there to say? The concept was really spot on this time.


This single marks a significant positive turnaround in the direction Laika was taking in her music career. Yes, she has proven that it does help to re-evaluate and try new things every once in a while. It might actually turn out better than you expect. We are certainly looking forward to her next single.