Africa Creates: Larrissa Muthoni – Accessorise in Style

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When I think of a fashion designer, I certainly don’t imagine one with a BA in Psychology and a career in investment management. In walks Larrissa Muthoni, one smart and very creative lady with great ambitions. After nine years working in Media Investment Management, she decided it was time to focus on her creative side. Poetry, song writing, deejaying, music blogging and collage past-times were all expressions of that creativity, but those were not enough for Larrissa.

Quitting her day job, she went on to found Zamoyo Ltd where her designs are driven purely by her love of creation and colour.

That takes a lot of guts to forge into new territory, but with her optimistic attitude and her willingness to take on new challenges, she has never been afraid to get her hands dirty and learn new things.

Art and music have surrounded her all her life and she continuously goes back to these areas to draw inspiration and get her creative juices flowing.  The results are exhibited through her jewellery designs and prints for her handbag collections.

What started off in 2002 as a hobby making bracelets to keep busy in between classes or assignments quickly evolved into a business. One order led to another and soon after she started experimenting with bigger beads and bolder designs that women could wear to the office.

After a long hiatus, Zamoyo was revived in 2011 and the response has been welcoming. Today, Zamoyo is now designing jewellery and handbags for the modern woman. The company concentrates on making statement pieces that are still versatile enough for the boardroom and the club. Larrissa also recognises the rich cultural heritage in Kenya and so creates accessories that can be tied back to a tribe or a tradition.

Her goal: to create accessories for the modern consumer that are deeply rooted in culture and history but still funky and give a sense of personal identity to the wearer.

See more of her work on Zamoyo’s website.

You can listen to the interview below: