Monitah - Moonlight Bloom

From the Rising of Sun to the Moonlight Bloom

Shaash Entertainment
Really Good

From Monitah’s eagerly awaited Sonnie Side Up EP, Moonlight Bloom is a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack to a lover’s play. Sonically crooned into light by the rising sun, the singer-songwriter and instrumentalist takes us on a journey through attraction and allure. 

Reminiscent of the recent SupermoonMidnight Bloom is a nostalgic lovers’ sonnet that keeps pulling the listener closer with each verse. Monitah brings together an eclectic mix of R&B, soul and hip hop to unravel an identity crisis between two lovers in her usual conversational Q&A style. With her pen as her sword, this first single from Sonnie Side Up teases the forthcoming rise of a poet. Through Monitah’s upcoming EP, songwriting in urban Nairobi is represented as distinctive, social and engaging.

With BaruaKuja Tu and Utopia as fan-favorites under Monitah’s belt, live performance is another skill the rising sun possesses. Monitah isn’t chasing shadows of trends of success; she’s chasing the light. The result is a distilled, unadulterated look at kinship, romance and affinity. Monitah’s writing is delivered by a wordsmith who is at the top of her game.

Before releasing Moonlight Bloom, Monitah gave an honest interview on Bill Odidi’s Kenyan Artist. However, the music did most of the the talking. Offering range and honesty in equal measure, she shares her love for Hip hop and R&B in her productions. Reminiscent of Paula Abdul’s legendary vocal traverse in her 1991 hit single Rush Rush, Monitah is an activist for Sista Power. What a joy it is to consume work made by Sisters with confidence in themselves, eloquence to say what they need, and high esteem to dream big. Here’s to sisters with voices!


Monitah’s compositions are deliberate and intentional. They are conversational pieces that Afro-fusion lovers host in their walls of candour. Her sincere and blunt lyrics take us on a journey of candid conversation. Honest banter. Fast wit. Unrestricted laughter. Cheer that is meant for you and your sweetheart. Monitah keeps it real, breaks it down and shares her undisguised truth. Music is an expression of emotions. In Moonlight Bloom, the singer expresses interest and curiosity. At first, we just want to know more about each other. Monitah is asking you to take the risk and let your spirit of curiosity lead you to caring camaraderie.

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