Muthoni The Drummer Queen – MDQ (Album Review 2/10): Game Changers

Muthoni Music Entertainment / Sparring Partners / Sand Stone Studios; 2013

Game Changers is the second release off  Muthoni The Drummer Queen’s second album MDQ which is being released in a “slow burn” style over ten weeks through her partnership with Standard Media Group’s entertainment wing, who have bought exclusive digital distribution rights to the album. To get your hands on the songs released thus far, head over to the SDE Music page or Muthoni’s website for more details.

As noted before on Nai Ni Ya Who,  the very versatile production is one of the cornerstones of this album which will probably make it an interesting listen from the first to the last track when the final product is released. On Game Changers GR! and F come up with the kind of beats that could briefly remind one of Kanye West’s Power at one point or the other. It is an epic beat, you just have to give it to them. The kind of beat that could inspire a very angry an epic verse or two.

Even as there may not be enough punch in the lyrical delivery, Muthoni’s flow is delivered in the almost-casual style of someone on a high pedestal handing down her wisdom down to those below her on how to play the (music) game and how to change the game.


If there’s a track on MDQ that could make a great remix including a collabo with  bunch of heavy-hitting rappers, it is this one.

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