Muthoni The Drummer Queen – MDQ (Album Review 4/10): Get Up

Muthoni Music Entertainment; 2013

Dir. Tedd. Josiah

For her fourth release off MDQ, Muthoni The Drummer Queen makes a passionate and, at times, heart wrenching performance in Get Up which she describes as being about “staying focused and seeing beyond the bumps; overcoming the struggles with Self and the battles…that call for acceptance, inner strength and commitment to your path.”

She chooses to deliver her verses in the same reggae-inspired style as the beat prepared by producers GR! and Hook. Whether or not this sort of approach suits her is overshadowed by the simply delicious production by the Swiss-based beat makers. The bass line, which seems to have a life of its own, is the crown jewel of this track and makes the entire 4 minutes and 23 seconds a worthwhile listen.

The video gets first rate treatment from Tedd Josiah who weaves a very interesting concept to fit into the song’s theme and an equally suitable tense mood throughout. He casts three members of a family with individual issues of their own to deal with. The Drummer Queen can also be seen to be “stuck in the woods”, symbolically at least.


We continue to be very impressed with the overall production of this album.

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