New Music: Alex R.E.D, R.I.Z.E, Rish, J Kali, Eclipse + Labdi

It’s yet another day full of new, not-so-new and buzzing music releases from around and about the Kenyan scene. Let’s get right into it:

Alex R.E.D – No Education

Alex R.E.D has been out of the picture for quite a while now but his latest release is a sign of tremendous growth since How It Feel from 2013. No Education is a self-produced track touched up by Atwal, quite rightly criticizing Africans/Kenyans’ extreme obsession with non-arts based education. This is a serious banger with a sweet Pink Floyd sample. More of these, please!!

R.I.Z.E , WaWa & BH – Positive Vibes Only

R.I.Z.E continues his run of notable releases with this collaborative effort. Joining him are producer Brian Haines (BH) and Baltimore-based femcee WaWa. As the title suggests, they are channeling positive vibes into their art on a laid back beat perfect for a Sunday morning.

J Kali – Balance

Staying with positive vibes, here’s another BH produced track entitled Balance. J Kali drops some beautiful verses about balance between body and mind on a Hocus Pocus beat. This really brings back memories of a time when hip hop had a good balance in lyrical content. If you’re in the right frame of mind, it can also trigger memories of Junglepussy’s organic Now Or Later music video.

Rish – My Strength

This is Rish’s first release of the year since At The End Of The Day. Amos Kiptoon is phenomenal on the guitar, especially with that solo at the bridge. Rish songwriting shines through as well. My Strength cannot really be pigeon-holed as a gospel track but it delivers a very strong testament of faith at the most trying of times.

Eclipse – Superstitious

Eclipse comprises of rappers Shakim Shallah and Ladybud who caught our attention with Wipe Me Down. Well, the duo have began releasing material through their Bone Head Entertainment outfit. They’ve also got a debut album entitled Kenyan Kid Iz The Future lined up soon. We’re really digging the sound of this and can’t wait to devour the rest of the album. 

Simplly Addy & Labdi – Bakshishi

This ever-awesome Afrohouse tag team is back with a new one entitled Bakshishi, a track treading on Simplly Addy’s usual fine line between deep house and Afrohouse. If you haven’t checked out any of their previous releases yet, run along and treat yourself to Timbe  and Waiting as well.