New Music: Annette, Kanja, Adeiyu, Jua Cali + Noel Nderitu

There have been a bunch of new tracks dropped in the past week, including a gospel EP that could as well be the next biggest urban gospel album since Rigah’s Urban Prayers. Well, let’s get right into it then:

Annette – Nipe

Singer Annette Kawira has been slightly quiet since Pole Pole, her monster collabo with Nonini. Well, she is fresh from the studio with a reggae track entitled Nipe produced by the ever versatile Wawesh Mjanja and Mastah L. It is one heck of a production with a roots reggae sound, bringing to mind that local reggae track by Shamir which was a big hit in Jamaica back in 2007. Could this be the way back to making it big in reggae? This track should be followed up with its music video, it deserves that much.

Kanja – Girl I Like

It is easy to notice that Kanja has been pretty busy this year, appearing in at least three music video collabos and Kus Ma’s Js & Purple mixtape. To cap it all off, he dropped his latest single Gal I Like last week to bubbly reception. Produced by The Houzeboyz a US/Nigeria production team, the track is (obviously) an afrobeats tune. Check it out:

Adeiyu – You Can’t Break Her Heart

We gave their Imaginary Hands EP a rave review (read it HERE). Nox and Ayo are now back with a brand new single You Can’t Break Her Heart which does not deviate from the awesome quality of music these guys have churned out in the past. The question in many fans’ minds right now is – WHEN IS THAT ALBUM BEING RELEASED?!!! Yes, we are impatiently waiting.

Jua Cali – Kuna Sheng (Remix) ft. KonKodi, Prime MC, Vioxxi & Virusi

Jua Cali stays true to his “genge” style in this remix to his latest single Kuna Sheng which features a bunch of new artists from lower middle class and lower class hoods of Nairobi who break down one of the most recognizable features of urban life here – the sheng/slang we speak and how it varies depending in where you live. Is this the Ligi Soo (Remix) for the masses? I’m tempted to think so. Listen to the Kanyeira produced track below:

Noel Nderitu – My Kind Of Music (EP)

Gospel singer/rapper has dropped his debut EP My Kind of Music as a digital release via The EP is a mix of R&B, Hip Hop and Neo Soul influenced tracks and features a duet with Lisa Oduor-Noah. More thoughts on this later. Listen to the entire EP on its waabeh page.