New Music: Athieno, Just A Band, Kahvinya, TwennyEights, R.I.Z.E + MANU

It’s yet another day full of new, not-so-new and buzzing music releases from around and about the Kenyan scene. Let’s get right into it:

Athieno – IaM (Album)

Stop the presses! Athieno released an epic album earlier this month, entitled IaM. As the title suggests, this album represents a journey back to the self and embracing whatever you find within.  According to Athieno, the album is “a kind of rebirth of myself. Through the roller coaster ride of emotions I experienced while writing and recording I came to discover the significance of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-validation. I believe that by embracing who you are, you are then able to present your unique self to the world, subsequently enriching your community and the world at large.” Watch out for our review soon.

Just A Band – African Kids These Days

Are you a Just A Band fan located somewhere beneath a rock? Then you’ll be sad to know the band are taking a break to concentrate on individual projects.  There’s no time to be gloomy though. What this means is that we’ll be bracing ourselves for a Blinky Bill album later this year, a graphic novel and other treats from Dan and the Comi(K)ment Issues Collective, as well as some more music by Mbithi.  Besides, they’ve left us a funky parting gift in the form of African Kids These Days.

Kahvinya – Up In There

We’ve been looking forward to more material from Kahvinya since Heartbeat and she’s come through big time. Once again teaming up with producer M³, Up In There is all about the bliss experienced during soul’s awakening through meditation. Really refreshing stuff, this.

TwennyEights – Free

Take off your shoes for me / Light up the weed / We could all be free …” TwennyEights takes a “feel at home” approach to an unexpected subject in this brief tale of an intimate encounter involving not just exposing bodies but also exposing and trusting your inner anxieties to another person. 

R.I.Z.E. – Heart Of A Soldier

R.I.Z.E. returns with Heart Of A Soldier, a soundtrack to the spirit of marching on past whatever obstacles life throws your way. In the long run, what doesn’t destroy you, makes you stronger.

MANU – At The Disco

MANU of the Avionix electronic music collective lays a sweet, funk laden beat on At The DiscoEnjoy the good vibes.