New Music: Dela, Aaron Rimbui, Electrique DJs + ªLTER EGº

Another day, another batch of new music to enjoy. The highlight of the day (of course) is Dela’s cover of Adele’s Hello, translated into Swahili and given that raw acoustic touch courtesy of Sauti Sol’s Polycarp ‘Fancy Fingers’ Otieno, Benjamin Webi and Andrew Ngatia Wanjohi. Even though she’s Taurus Musik’s latest signee with an overall strategy of re-branding as an Afropop artist, there is still a tonne of soul where Dela is concerned. 

Aaron Rimbui – Hafungi Macho

This is the first offering from Aaron Rimbui’s latest project aptly named DEEPERHafungi Macho is a re-imagination of one of the defining songs of Kenya’s gospel music renaissance. Willy, Daddy Owen and Danco’s collaboration transforms into a more reflective jazz number. With names such as Eric Wainaina, Kato Change, Bien-Aimé Baraza and Eddie Gray being mentioned, DEEPER is getting more exciting by the minute. 

Electrique DJs – Stronger ft. Patricia Kimani

This track is off  Electrique DJs’ upcoming album Coming Of Age and features Patricia Kihoro on the vocals. Struggling to get out of bed in the morning? A cup of coffee and a listen to this track should be enough. 

ªLTER EGº – Villain EP

Okay, fine. ªLTER EGº is not a name many would be familiar with (shame on all of y’all!!). He’s one of a growing number of artists trying to expand Kenya’s musical soundscape beyond the predictable stuff getting an unreasonable chunk of airplay on radio and TV. His Villlain EP  has a lowkey Kanye vibe to it, visceral but still under control. The crown jewel is the title track featuring Karun. On Villain ªLTER EGº and Karun introduce each other to their darker side and hope the rest of us can handle their music, their truth. Karun sums it up perfectly: “…There’s plenty more of us if you are looking…”  Chilling, awesome stuff.