New Music: Tetu Shani, Wanja Wohoro, Jinku, Miss Kemunto, Kris Erroh + Kevin Grands

It’s yet another day full of new, not-so-new and buzzing music releases from around and about the Kenyan scene. Let’s get right into it:

Tetu Shani – Jacaranda Tree

On the strength of his two first releases, Round and Round  and And Ode to Pa, it wasn’t hard to tell that Tetu Shani is an artist that will stretch the limits of with his unique and open-minded creative process, but this was really unexpected!! His latest single off his upcoming album is Jacaranda Tree, and it’s quite the experience. It’s a lovechild of the entire spectrum of 90s style R&B/Hip-hop, pop, and the modern forms those genres take today. It sways effortlessly from one genre and timeline to the next as Tetu sing-raps quite the heartbreaking story of love found and lost under the beauty of a jacaranda tree. Definitely one of the best songs of 2016!

Wanja Wohoro – Speed of Sound (Coldplay Cover)

Wanja Wohoro whips up a cover of the massively popular Coldplay tune. Nice…

Jinku – Her Tongue

Her Tongue is Jinku’s first musical release of the year. It’s a mysterious downtempo track, keeping up with his EA Wave collective’s tradition of re-imagining electronic music with the help of locally available grooves.

Miss Kemunto – Chizi

Miss Kemunto delivers unto us this sweet and sunny acoustic version of Chizi. Hope more and more new music materializes from this talented singer-songwriter.

Kris Erroh – Onana

Kris Erroh is back with a new track Onana. Its sounds like the kind of moombahton, dancehall and reggaeton influenced electro house that has  recently exploded globally thanks to folks like Major Lazer.

Kevin Grands – How I Run It

Now I got the whole city popping…” declares Kevin Grands in his latest release which is  all about unequivocal domination.