New Music: Anniesoul, Kiu, Sauti Sol, Pizo Dizo, Elani + Sanaipei Tande

Anniesoul – Fire

Anniesoul is back, and this time it isn’t for covers. She’s just dropped a new original track called Fire, self-produced in collaboration with Moez Dawad. It is a fiery, funky love song that spreads across several genres it would be pointless to pigeon-hole it. Kind of brings Janelle Monáe to mind. Listen to it yourself and be the judge of that.

Kiu – Mwanake

This all female band and Penya Africa graduates are ready to introduce us to their first official single after teasing us with The City. It’s called Mwanake, translating to young man in Gikuyu. It is simply impossible not to love the track’s sound that settles in that sweet spot between zuok and lingala.

Sauti Sol – Sura Yako

Sauti Sol has quickly followed up the relative success and controversy of Nishike with Sura Yako, the third single off their upcoming album Live and Die in Africa. It is a straight to the point tribute to a special lady and the chakacha feel has got many wondering what  the music video would look like this time, if there ever will be a music video.

Pizo Dizo – Chali Stinji (Remix) ft. Bobby Mapesa, Abbas & Visita

Crowded remixes seem to be the in thing right now and queen of ghipuka Pizo Dizo will certainly not be left out. She’s teamed up with Bobby Mapesa, Visita and, probably the most popular guest on rap remixes, Abbas to whip up a reboot to Chali Stinji. There are no surprises here as the production is strictly based on the template Grandpa Records has been using since forever.

Elani – KooKoo (Reggae Remix)

For those who still can’t get enough of Elani’s KooKoo, here’s another way to enjoy it. Felix Kanyi’s reggae remix is just as good as the original.

Sanaipei Tande – Mfalme Wa Mapenzi (Club Mix)

Wawesh Mjanja, the producer of Sanaipei Tande’s sensual track Mfalme Wa Mapenzi has now made it more party-friendly with his Club &Thigh Mix. Have a listen.