News Wrap: Karun Goes Solo, Nairobi Half Life Wins Continue + Dove Slimme EP

There has been lots of speculation about Camp Mulla and their solo ventures these past few months. The speculation can end now, at least on Miss Karun’s side of things. Yes, Camp Mulla’s vocal centerpiece is going solo and is so serious about it that she is prepping an album which should be ready by August! Talk about making swift moves! In fact, the first single off the self-titled album was released earlier today. It’s called Photograph and the content is on a different tangent from what you’s normally find in a Camp Mulla track. Listen to it below:

Also  on  new material, local rock group Dove Slimme launched their first EP, Cool On The Inside, at the Treehouse Club over the weekend, backed up by fellow rockers Parking Lot Grass. The only content from the EP released thus far is Leo Ni Leo which is getting some appreciative airplay in 105.5 X FM. While we source for ways to get your hands on the EP, listen to Leo Ni Leo below:

Finally, Kenya’s most popular movie right now, Nairobi Half Life, continues to bag more awards as it continues its festival run. It was declared the Best East African Film at the just-concluded Zanzibar International Film Festival. Another popular Kenyan Film, Ni Sisi, returns home with a couple of awards under its belt. Check out the full list of winners HERE.

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