On Our Radar: Kepoambe

Fact: Camp Mulla, the group that took Kenya and the African continent by storm in 2011 or thereabouts is history. Doubting Thomases and fans who still needed a final dose of closure on the issue were treated to a superb tell-all  interview of former member TAIO Tripper / Thee MC Africa late last month. However, as the interview pointed out, even though the group has split, each of them is up to one or two interesting projects jointly and separately on their own terms, case in point being Cosmic Homies O.N.E., a brand new collective featuring Karun, TAIO and a bunch of other creatives such as Cr3w Teflon’s Timmy Tim (check out their track Think This Thru).

In addition to Cosmic Homies, Karun is also part of an group called Kepoambe, formed with Mariana Forjaz Secca, Isaiah Beard and Clara Sinephro-Cool, her pals from the Berkelee College of Music where she currently studies. The name represents the countries where each of them are based – Kenya, Portugal, America and Belgium – gerrit?  The group is currently concentrating on covers at the moment and have released some epic covers so far, such as this one of Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud

While you’re at it, check out their covers of Adele’s Turning Tables and Family of The Year’s  Hero:


We’re certainly looking forward to more from this group, whether it comes in the form of covers or original stuff. Check out their Facebook page and subscribe to their YouTube channel.