On Our Radar: Rozzi@Work

Given how competitive the music industry has gotten in just about every market you care to look, one surefire method an artist / group of artists can exploit to break away from the pack and get noticed is doing covers of well-known songs. This method triggers instant curiosity in fans of the original. They’ll lower their guard and give the artists a chance to prove that whatever talents they possess are enough to pull off a cover that does the original version justice.

Thankfully, more and more new and established Kenyan artists are using this strategy – refer to the tsunami of Hello covers that hit us earlier in the year. One such group that has adopted the covers strategy to their benefit is Rozzi@Work. The group has a very fluid setup comprising of Alex Olang, Andrew Kigen, Anita Murage, Edna Maritim, Fred Makoffu, George Kidenda, Michael Rumbi, Michelle Ngelechei, Natasha Boella and Wendy Kemunto. A few guests pop in once in a while too including Miss Kemunto, Rose Kagumba and Ciano Maimba.

They’re all students with a shared passion for music, each with a unique contribution to the group ranging from strong vocals to handling various strings and keys. It is this strength in numbers that gives the group an edge. They are able to come up with so many different configurations that each cover turns out to be refreshingly different from the last. Think of Rozzi@Work as something like our very own version of Goose house  

Among the highlights of the batch of covers they have posted on their YouTube channel so far include an acoustic medley of Fetty Wap’s Trap Queen / My Way, an awesome take on Evanescence’s Bring Me To Life and an inspired cover of the Naughty Boy – Beyoncé collabo

When they’re not making covers for YouTube, they band dabbles in some original stuff and work on a collaboration or two. They’re also working on a different off-shoot project called Rozzi Writes that has been churning out some interesting spoken pieces.


The band’s efforts are starting to pay off. They’ve been able to get some gigs, the latest one having gone down quite well at The Manor 540 on March 23, 2016. Check out their Facebook page to keep up with their latest covers and upcoming gigs. 

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