Africa Creates: How to Inspire the Next Generation

Rashida Namulondo is a youth worker, actress and award-winning performance poet. She’s a lover of storytelling, and uses this gift in her mentorship work.

Her leadership journey started as the guild speaker and founder of the Islamic University Youth Development Forum, an initiative to promote youth participation in the community.

She has since volunteered for many organizations seeking to encourage participation, awareness and empowerment of young people, particularly girls. In her interview, she shares some of the struggles that Ugandan girls and women face in today’s society.

She combines her expertise and love for performance arts to reach out to promote self-love, understanding and personal growth. Unity, peace and community development are close to her heart; she is currently working on a project ‘Art 4 Change’, which promotes self-awareness, assertiveness and community participation in secondary school children through the arts.

Listen to our conversation below: