Rigga – Ring Finger

CleanCity Media / Red Flash Films; 2013

Dir. mKay

Forget the Groove Awards 2013. For many people including myself,  Rigga’s Urban Prayers is our pick for the gospel album of this year. Produced by Jaaz Odongo, Saint P and Blackman, it has a solid concept dealing with one of the most complex aspects of Christian life of the average urban youth – establishing a relationship and communication with God through prayer. Basing an entire 14-track album around that subject alone is no mean feat. His sincere and relatable lyrical content easily makes him our version of Canadian gospel rapper Shad. The album is out on waabeh.com as a digital download and the physical copies can also be delivered to you if you’re within Nairobi via this order form. Riding on the success of Sina Chorus, the second single to stream out of Rigga’s effort is Ring Finger.

Ring Finger (backed up by bump-worthy beats whipped up by Saint P) is basically about the often elusive challenge of trying to desist from sexual temptations before marriage. The track is a lyrical beauty which depicts Rigga as equally tempted and just as imperfect as you and me. Even though, he communicates on the same level that most of us can relate to, his message does not fail to point at the standard we should work towards – purity all the way until marriage. This is achieved in three very solid verses full of lyrical gems: “Love bila regrets si ya latex/ Isiwe ni oops! imesababisha ndoa… Nishikilie, I’m in need of your power/ Can’t put all of my hope in a cold shower… My Goliath in this story/ if I overcome Lord, you get all the glory…“.

The video is directed bu mKay depicts Rigga dropping off his date home after a night out. His date is all about getting some and goes out her way to get what she wants. We go through Rigga’s struggle to make a decision on whether to succumb to this temptation and give in or to walk away.  The video does not have a conclusive end but instead cuts the story short at the point where Rigga is back into his car and is still undecided – perhaps symbolizing how abstinence before marriage is a constant day-to-day challenge in today’s world.


Let me keep this short and sweet: BUY THE ALBUM!!!