Sample Sunday: Black Duo – Rap Kwa M.I.C.

Soulchild Records/Mandugu Digital; 2009

Dir. Steve-O

Now, this song holds its place at the top of the hallowed ground that is meant for Kenya’s greatest hip-hop classics – it is one of those tracks you just don’t touch, right? Black Duo had their bars on lock and the production by Mandugu Digital (the go-to guys for great hip hop beats back then) was SICK to say the least.

The video showed up around 2009 and it is just as you’d expect from the duo – 5 minutes of pure underground goodness. However the production was not without inspiration. A huge portion track samples another much older underground classic. Yes, that’s right, Rap Kwa M.I.C. samples portions of Talib Kweli, Hi-Tek and Bahamadia’s Chaos off a compilation album Soundbombing II, which brought mainstream and lesser known hip-hop acts together for an album compiled by DJ’s J-Rocc & Babu. The album came out way back in April 1999. Listen to Chaos below:


Well, the main aim of the Soundbombing II compilation was to expose underground hip-hop to a mainstream audience. Black Duo and Mandugu Digital managed to do the same with Rap Kwa M.I.C. and somehow made Kenyan hip hop much more interesting in the long run.