Sample Sunday: Camp Mulla ft Just A Band – Where Do You Come From?

Sub Sahara; 2012

They say change is inevitable and Camp Mulla is no longer the outfit it used to be, what with the exit of Karun to pursue her musical career in the USA and the entry of Tiri to handle the chief vocal duties. What remains constant however is the impact the group had on the scene. Their debut album Funkytown was a solid effort and ought to have don significantly better commercially, but getting the middle class Kenyan to buy your album even if it is as cheap as Kibao Vodka remains a mystery up to now.  We return to that album, mainly produced by sampling-happy K’Cous, for this week’s installment of Sample Sunday.

Where Do You Come From? is a lesser known track off the Funkytown album featuring Just A Band. You can listen to and buy the track on waabeh, including the rest of the album, if you didn’t have the chance to pick it up when it was hot.

The track samples a hidden track on Just A Band’s 82 album (also available on waabeh) released in 2009. It pops up right at the end of the album’s last track, Tingiza Kichwa. It is a simple track in itself, with only about two or three line of lyrics, making it perfect for laying extra material on top of it. That is exactly what Camp Mulla did with it.

JAB also made a groovier remix of Where Do You Come From? for their 2011 free remix album called Kudish! (The Sound of Soup).