Sample Sunday: Just A Band – Dunia Ina Mambo

Decimal Records; 2012

It’s been eight months since the release of Just A Band’s third Studio album Sorry For The Delay. The genre-bending trio’s third effort still maintains its popularity courtesy of the lead single Probably For Lovers and another track off the album Dunia Ina Mambo which is the subject of today’s Sample Sunday. It features Stan and the production is handled by Eric Musyoka of Decimal Records. Have a listen to Dunia Ina Mambo HERE.

For those that don’t already know ( if you were born in the mid-late 90s that is), the track is inspired by a song by the 1980s band Issa Juma and the Mighty Cavaliers. This song was make partiularly popular when it was used for the opening sequence of KBC’s classic cop show Tahamaki – probably the best cop show that will come out of Kenya for a very very long time. The massive popularity of the show makes one wonder why KBC have not dug it out of the archives and re-broadcasted it, let alone releasing it on DVD. A lot of people asleep on government jobs, huh? Listen to the original version below:


Earlier in the week, JAB posted this pic on their social media accounts:

Looks like they are gong to release the video to Dunia Ina Mambo tomorrow. My guess is that, since the music is a tribute the Mighty Cavaliers Band, the video will be a tribute to Tahamaki – this has got me very very excited. Watch out for our review here tomorrow, if indeed they mean to  drop the music video.