Sample Sunday: Octopizzo ft. Tracy – BlackStar

Octopizzo’s latest single, BlackStar is still going strong since its release right at the start of the 2014. This time his daughter Tracy, who has appeared on a bunch of his videos already, features on the track itself for the standout chorus. But what is the inspiration behind the chorus and the entire song’s arrangement?

The sample used in this track comes from one of the most unlikely sources – Canadian rock singer Avril Lavigne! And here we were thinking she was dead and buried musically after Sk8r Boi and I’m With You. Apparently she has still been releasing albums and even had a concert in China recently (where she had some kind of meltdown, who cares?). Anyway, the Octopizzo sample originates from the intro to her 2008 album Goodbye Lullaby which is coincidentally also titled Black Star.

However, what Octopizzo must have sampled is the track that first sampled Avril Lavigne’s Black Star. Yes folks, his is a sample of a sample. So, his sample is lifted directly off Black Star by Tony Tig off his album Unforgiven.

Here is Tony Tig’s version:


Who did it better? I’m really drawn to Tony Tig’s version (made it bigger than himself) but you be the judge.