Sample Sunday: Shappaman, Tiri & Coolie – Wild Life

Kus-Ma; 2013

So, Camp Mulla seem to be in the solo-project phase of their musical careers with the crew dropping songs left right and centre, from Kus-Ma on How High to Miss Karun’s new track, Mwana We. One might argue that they have always been a crew of talented artists that can survive outside the group setting from way before they became immensely popular, but that’s a discussion for another day.  Shappaman has joined the fray with his new track Wild Life featuring new vocal talent Tiri and Coolie on the raps. Well, the track gets an immediate entry in our Sample Sunday column. Why? The reasons will come right after you give the track a listen below:

Produced by Kus-Ma who has quite the knack for giving his tracks that old school vibe, Wild Life largely samples I Love Your Smile by Shanice from way 1991. It was a MASSIVE R&B hit back in the day In fact this tune was so big, it got a nomination for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance at the 1992 Grammy Awards. Check it out below:

The sampling chain does not end there. I Love Your Smile borrows heavily from Sybil’s new jack swing mega hit Don’t Take Me Over which was released in 1988. Readers below the age of 30 might have never heard of this song before today. Feel free to watch the video below:


The sampling by Kus-Ma here is very intuitve and comes up with a set of beats that even Shanice herself would be proud of. A part of me feels that very few others apart from Kus-Ma could’ve achieved such a production feat. Mad props to him.