Silas Miami – Give A Little Love

Dir. Tashinga Mutakwa
Lyrical Content
Music Video

Even though South Africa based actor and singer-songwriter Silas Miami seems to have been concentrating on film projects and the odd festival performance here and there of late, he’s pulled a rather pleasant surprise by blessing us with a music video to Give A Little Love, right on the back of releasing the single earlier in the year.

Like good liquor, the best way of enjoying this song is in stages, starting off with the audio-only version.  After letting the sounds soak in well at the third listen or so, one can finally enjoy the final punch packed into the music video. When it comes to song-writing, Silas has no qualms about being brutally honest and deeply personal about the complexities of life. The lyrics that result from this process is can be something entertaining and/or therapeutic.

Give A Little Love is a prime example of his process as described above. The heart-wrenching nature of the relationship Miami describes here could give many an accomplished songwriter a run for their money. Depending on who is listening, this song will trigger different emotional discharges and move each listener differently. Sonically, the song easily finds a mate in Jessie Ware’s Wildest Moments.


The music video, directed by film-maker and music video director Tashinga Mutakwa, is a visual feast fitting of such a powerful ballad. The song is translated into a contemporary dance piece shot in beautiful monochrome. Just like the track itself, the music video is an open template for each viewer to insert themselves in and experience it  differently. It is in sync with the message without any unnecessary additions or distractions that would kill the vibe.


As with most great songs, the less that is said, the better. Experience it for yourself.

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