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Trabolee Archives · Bottom Line Kenya

Best Kenyan Songs of 2016 – Part 2

December 31, 2016 |

Continuing from where we left off in Part 1 of this feature, we’re counting down our 50 picks of the best Kenyan music had to offer in 2016. As has been mentioned before, the competitiveness in music circles is at an all-time high and these 50 tracks barely scratch the surface of the great content […]Read More

Fantasy Collaborations: 10 Unusual Musical Pairings We’d Like To See

April 23, 2016 |

As we’ve mentioned before, this year is turning out to be a big one for musical collaborations across Africa. Kenyan artists have not been left out but have contributed some interesting collabos so far. With this trend going on, it is difficult not to start dreaming up some potential collaborations that would make so much […]Read More

Future Sounds: Is The Next Wave of Kenya’s Musical Renaissance Nearly At Hand?

April 2, 2016 |

Does Kenyan music seem to be headed anywhere? Will the industry ever edge closer to the levels of international recognition and commercial success enjoyed by its counterparts in West Africa, Central Africa, South Africa and our Tanzanian neighbours any time soon? The quick and easy answer to these questions would be a resounding NO. A […]Read More

New Music: Trabolee, Wangechi, Cosmic Homies, Shukid, Playmakr + Cosmic Elation

March 31, 2016 |

It’s yet another day full of new, not-so-new and buzzing music releases from around and about the Kenyan scene. Let’s get right into it: Trabolee – Mutinda Muliro Freestyle Riding on a Kendrick Lamar(?) beat and alluding to Pavelee and Kantai’s hip-hop classic Nare, Trabolee goes full beast mode on Mutinda Muliro, complete with an ominous music video […]Read More

Trabolee – All Roads Lead Home (Album Review)

December 31, 2015 | 3

Trabolee’s recent upward trajectory in his career started off with the release of his THC mixtape in 2013, his setting up a partnership with Juke Myster to release Occult Lore as SkullVilla and featuring in The NEST’s stellar Our Guns Don’t Work in 2014. These bodies of work promptly set him apart as one of the bankable emerging hip hop acts. His penchant […]Read More

Best Kenyan Albums of 2015

December 31, 2015 | 7

2015 was a good year in terms of the number of good albums released with the best of the lot coming rather late in the year. Although Wangechi’s  anticipated debut album Art 19  once again proved elusive after the second year of baiting, the pleasant surprise was no doubt the quickfire release of Maisha Superstar Phy’s extremely […]Read More

Trabolee ft. Amo Kamili & Juke Myster – MBEx3

December 14, 2015 |

Producers on the Road; 2015 Dir. Abstract Omega Hip hop/spoken word artist Trabolee made a significant mark earlier this year with his debut album All Roads Lead Home, no doubt Kenya’s most lyrically potent album of 2015. His pen remains as sharp as ever in his latest showing entitled MBEx3, a release by a newly formed music […]Read More

Monsoons Over The Moon (Film Review)

November 16, 2015 |

Dir. Abstract Omega; 2015 Imagine a version of Kenya in an alternative present (or a not so distant future) that has regressed to a state of dictatorial control mirroring the Moi era at its peak, probably worse. A Kenya in which government surveillance of all forms of communication is the norm. A return to the […]Read More