Africa Creates: Timothy Kimutai – Myths & Legends

Africa Creates

I love hearing stories that are immersed in history and culture. Fortunately for all of us, so does Timothy Kiprop Kimutai. Having grown up listening to his mother tell stories of tradition and myth, Timothy became interested in how they would translate into a more modern setting.

His manuscript, The Water Spirits, takes the legend of a paranormal being and pushes it into the life of a village, with startling results. The book was the second runner’s up for the Kwani? Manuscript Project and will be published by Kwani? early next year. (We’ll let you know when it’s out – this is one book you definitely want to keep your eyes out for).

By profession, Timothy works in customer service, but he doesn’t let this distract him from investing in his writing. He participates in many writing workshops, including the Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Farafina Workshop in Lagos Nigeria. And it shows. During the interview, his beautiful narration of a scene from his story left me desperate to read more.You can find Timothy at

Listen to my very interesting conversation with Timothy below: